Common Problems

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    App not installed

    Jussi Palo · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have 5.1 non-play store version installed, and I try to update to 5.2 bf1. After downloading the app from site and trying to install it, it gives error "App not installed".

    Using Android Pie on Pixel 2 XL. Is this just some Pie issue? Removing and and installing from scratch allowed me to install the latest version, just wanted to let you know the issue. 

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    Write Secure Settings Permission

    oldsap · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    i'm on MIUI device, rooted, and followed this:

    im still receiving a missing permission message everytime.

    how do i fix this?

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    Android App made by tasker app factory not fitting the screen properly

    Siju Manuel · 1 · Last reply by Siju Manuel

    i have an issue where the android app made by tasker app factory not fitting screen properly.Issue mainly observed on 6 inch screen phones.Can you please suggest solution.

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    CELLSRV Not Updating On LG V20 With Stock Android 7

    David White · 6 · Last reply by David White

    Hello. I have owned and used Tasker for years. I just got a new phone, LG V20 w/Android 7. This is a flagship phone and I am running stock (although systemless rooted) Android firmware. Unlike my last phone (Note 3, stock/rooted Android 4.4.2) Tasker is simply not updating the CELLSRV variable on the new LG phone. It always seems to report "unknown". I have tried enabling new cell api with no change. I have read posts from Pent that this can vary by ROM (specifically regarding CM Android) but I find it hard to believe that something like a flagship

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    Support link on Tasker For Android page

    David White · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    The support link here is not working. Goes to the old domain. How do we get support?

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    JavaScriptlet does not load libraries when previewing

    Richard Kemp · 0 · Posted

    JSlets have a play button in the top right which runs the JS code on it's own, without running other actions in the task. When this button is used, any libraries specified are not loaded, so calls to library functions fail.

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    Tasker doesn't detect if WiFi is connected or not while VPN is active on Android P

    Matthias Pröll · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    Tasker Version: 5.4.3b.jf

    Android Version: Android Pie

    Phone: OnePlus 6

    Tasker doesn't detect if WiFi is connected or not while a VPN is running.

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    Autoinput Stopped functioning post update.

    Joseph Goldsmith · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Autoinput is not working anymore post update. 

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    8.1 getting java.lang.securityexception

    Gary · 2 · Last reply by Gary

    See the attachment. Happens when tasker tries to set a ringtone. App permissions are turned on.

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    Material Design Pictures

    Torsten · 0 · Posted


    in Scene Layout we can replace Pictures (Scene>>Object Picture).

    In my Scene´s i replace many Material Design Icons with the same, but in a other Color.

    e.g. "car.picture" in white, replace with "car.picture" in green.

    The Problem:  When i would replace it live in the active scene with a button, it dont change the Object Picture, because the Filename dont change, only it´s Color.

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    Custom Setting: "Continue Task After Error" does not work

    schlimbo · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have imported a tasker project from my mobile phone to an Nvidia shield TV, when I execute the task I get an error message by a "Custom Setting" action:

    A1: Custom Setting [ Type:System Name:screen_brightness_mode Value: Use Root:Off Read Setting To:%autobright Continue Task After Error:On ]

    results in error:

    21.29.47/E Custom Setting: missing 'modify system settings' permission, start proxy 21.29.47/E start proxy ProxyTransparent, wait, time limit 20s 21.29.47/E add wait type Proxy Group time 20 21.29.47/E add wait type Proxy Group done 21.29.47/E set proxy: true (startProxy) 21.29.47/E add wait task 21.29.48/E Error: 1

    What I'm wondering is why

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    Completed tasks replay when TaskService is restarted if the task was started following a long running task

    Sean · 3 · Last reply by Sean

    Tasks that are running when the TaskService is killed are resumed when the TaskService can be recreated (as they should).  In addition completed tasks that should not resume are incorrectly replayed if they were started after a task which should resume.


    • Task "Long" requires a long time to finish.
    • Task "Short1" and "Short2" are done quickly.
    • User starts tasks in the order Short2, Long, Short1.
    • Tasker finishes Short2 and Short1 but is still working on Long.
    • Android terminates the TaskService
    • Tasker recreates TaskService
    • Tasker resumes Long and Short1 even though Short1 had already finished.

    Expected behavior: Tasker resumes Long

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    Lock and Screen Images Revert Back to Default

    Gordon Newell · 2 · Last reply by Gordon Newell


    It appears that from tasker V5.6 causes custom set live wallpaper and lock screen image to always revert back to defaults when reset or screen turned off.

    I'm running Ironman Rom V1.2.0 on Note 8 NS950F Android 7.1.1. 

    This issue did not occur prior to V5.6.

    Thanks Gordon

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    Security bug: Full access to Tasker without lock code from home screen icon

    Antti Pinomäki · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    Lock code protection is not functioning properly in Tasker and security is compromised:

    1. Tasker is lock code protected

    2. Long-pressing Tasker icon on the phone's Home screen opens a popup with options such as Settings, Run Log, Edit Task.

    3. Tapping Edit Task, for example, takes the user straight to the editable Tasker task with no lock code prompts

    4. Now, selecting Cancel from the task takes the user to the task list, i.e. giving an unauthorized user full access to do whatever (s)he wants with Tasker

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    Switching GPS on off

    Mark M · 0 · Posted

    Hi, phone is Sony Xperia Z1 running 4.4.4, I've installed Tasker and AutoTools and successfully run adb command line to allow WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS. But I can't get Tasker to turn on GPS. Any ideas? Is it possible? Thanks. (phone is not rooted, i was hoping Auto Tools would make that unnecessary)

    EDIT - ignore me I was doing it wrong! Works - what a great app!

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    Test File File Size Problem

    David White · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    Used tasker for years on Android 4.4. Now forced onto 7 and uh oh... I used tasker to check presence of a file by testing file size. I believe this is the documented way to go about this. However, on Android 7 I am seeing these in the debug log. It appears that tasker is performing an ls command and that seems right. But it seems it is not prepared for the output it gets. Maybe I am wrong?

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    There is no "Order Validation" choice under /More/..

    Mihaly Fekete · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I've just invested in a new phone and wanted to relocate my Tasker app to it.

    Downloaded the latest release (5.2.bf1) from and installed on the new phone, but when I open the app and look for the "Order Validation" choice under /More/ menu I can't find it.

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    What do red digits mean

    David White · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Used tasker for years on Android 4.4. Now on Android 7. Ugh! Can someone tell me the meaning of the red digits shown below? Never ever seen them before. Thanks

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    palavra "esqueda" que deveria ser: "esquerda"

    Horrorbjgames · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    A uma falta muito grande na tradução das strings em português e esse erro já esta no tasker faz tempo. Queria que a tradução fosse melhor para um app que está pago na play store. E também deixem o guia do usuário em português.