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    Notification Leds not recognised in "Alert, Set Light" Action in Android 8.1

    Nick Maverick · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I tried to create a task where when I started "Car Mode", I would also light permanently the notification led in Blue color, so when driving I can check quickly if car mode is on and turn it off when car mode is off. 

    In Android 6.0 the action "Alert, Set Light" shows the detected available notification leds and I can use the action successfully, but in Android 8.1 (my new smartphone) the action was disabled, so I updated to the last tasker version and tried again.  The option became available, but there was no notification leds detected, so I could

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    sliders in Tasker actions difficult to control

    Malcolm · 0 · Posted

    Could the sliders (SeekBars) used by Tasker actions be improve or made customizable in settings? I find it impossible to use the press-and-drag method -- they just don't move, and the click method is very hit-and-miss.  Using the arrows is often impracticable when the value range is large since the arrows change the value by only +/-1.  Also in some cases a "logarithmic" (actually "exponential") scale would be more appropriate, e.g. for setting a Beep tone frequency where getting somthing in the middle of the audio spectrum on a linear scale that goes from ~0 to 16000 is extremely awkward. 

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    Wifi Near does not properly detect a Wi-Fi network with "/" character

    Dmitri Trofimov · 0 · Posted

    I noticed that the "/" character is used as a separator if one wants to specify multiple networks. Can it be done so that double-division sign is treated like a single division sign but as part of SSID?

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    Tasker V5.6 keeps disabling on Pixel 1 Android 9

    Ricky Tran · 0 · Posted


    I have followed all the steps in the FAQ but my tasker keeps disabling itself on my device running 9.0 on Pixel 1

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    Profile with on Variable Set gets falsely triggered

    Stefan · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    Here are the relevant profiles:

    The first profile detects via WIFI near if you are at a hotel and if so sets the variable Ort to 'Hotel'.

    The second profile should trigger only when the variable Ort is set to 'Hotel'. However it seems to trigger without a reason (Hotel WiFi is not close because being at home or at work). This happens only a few times a day. I've attaced a filtered run log and the relevant part of the run log unfiltered as well.

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    Disable alarm does not work on Samsung S9

    Arnaud Boussaer · 0 · Posted

    I want to disable my 'work' alarm when my calendar has an event 'holiday'.

    The task 'Cancel alarm' only opens the alarm app on my phone, but does not cancel it. Makes no difference which mode (disable current, by label, any). I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 8.0, alarm app v7.0.92.4.

    PS: The task 'Set alarm' actually does work.

    PS2: also plugin 'ClockTask' wont disable an alarm.

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    "Tasker isn't Responding" (v. 5.6 on Oreo)

    Viale · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    Hello João,

    I have been enjoyed a paid version of Tasker for years and recently subscribed to your AutoApps. However, in the last few weeks, Tasker is often freezing. Also, profiles that previously worked are suddenly freezing (see screenshot for examples of both). I have been using Tasker on Oreo (Samsung Galaxy S8+, v. 5.2) for almost a year, so this can't be the source of the problem. When the problem appeared, I verified that Tasker is excluded from battery optimization. I also reinstalled and then upgraded to v. 5.6, but the problem persists.


    1. Can you guess what

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    App factory problem with media button event

    8500 · 0 · Posted

    When i create a standalone app with appfactory 5.6, the the media button event is not received by the app. In tasker 5.6 itself it works perfectly.

    Please help. I'm stuck! 

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    Tasker Crashes

    Henry · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Tasker occasionally crashes. Quite old problem and have not been fixed still. And when it does crash, it also triggers all or most of the tasks to action, apparently all at the same time. This is very old problem since Tasker 4 and have had this with Android 5, 6 and 7.

    Might be some bug if too much going on at the same time? Maybe should optimize my stuff and give different priorities to tasks (as I have never done that)? Or maybe need more powerful smartphone to run my stuff without crashing?

    I have observed that crash phenomenon

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    Custom Quick Settings tiles don't work via Tasker

    bege · 0 · Posted

    I use latest Custom Quick Settings and Tasker versions on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-G901F), LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1).

    Custom Quick Settings tiles like reboot and reboot recovery work from quick settings, but using them in Tasker has no result.

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    Brightness change back when pressing on/off button

    Nilsson · 5 · Last reply by João Dias


    Have a action with brightness level 255. This works flawless and the brightness goes to maximum. When pressing on/off button so screen get black, and turn the screen on again the brightness has changed to what is was before pressing the action. This works om my old Lg g2, but not the Huawei p20. Any tips?

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    Get voice action brings tasker to foreground.

    Rich D · 0 · Posted

    When a 'get voice ' action is run and Tasker has not been closed (by backing out) and is in the background,  the action will bring tasker to the foreground and show the get voice input promt. This will not happen if tasker has been closed by using the back button prior to the action running.

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    Android App made by tasker app factory not fitting the screen properly

    Siju Manuel · 1 · Last reply by Siju Manuel

    i have an issue where the android app made by tasker app factory not fitting screen properly.Issue mainly observed on 6 inch screen phones.Can you please suggest solution.

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    Enable tasker from menu not working properly

    Adrian Barbu · 1 · Last reply by Adrian Barbu

    If tasker is disabled and I wanto to enable it I touch "Enable Tasker" from app menu. This doesn't enable the app. To actually enable it, after enabling tasker from the menu, I have to click on any profile and then to confirm the action through the tick that appears on top bar. At this point Tasker enables itself and everything works right

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    Grant Document Tree Access nor working

    Ralf · 2 · Last reply by Ralf

    Android 6 (Marshmallow).

    When trying to write a file the alert appears that "grant document tree access" is necessary to perform this action next time without asking. Then the usual file manager is displayed where I selected external SD card.

    But tasker does not seem to be able to write to the file. The alert reappears instantly. If I select <back> I get an error message

    /storage/1234-5678 is external SD card. If I provide the full path to a file on internal storage it works (as expected).

    What's wrong?

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    scan media not working on Oreo

    Fred · 3 · Last reply by Fred


    The "scan media" action does not seem to work on my "Note 8" with Oreo. I believe this is a bug that needs to be addressed.

    Instead, I am using the following shell command with root:

    am startservice --es volume "external"

    There is also an app that works for the "scan media":

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    Media Play Dir sometimes plays nothing

    egg · 0 · Posted

    I want to play a random song from a folder when I shake my phone and it usually works but sometimes it just doesn't play a song. I turned off random to see if it always happens at the same place and it happens after all the other songs have been played once.

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    %conum is not working

    %conum is not updated I gave all the permissions to tasker app I read all the notifications for this problem I have redmi 4X last O.S