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    Create a Tasker Clipboard Manager

    Rich D · 0 · Posted

    This would be a huge help in editing. It would act like one of the many clipboard apps except it would contain tasker actions. So you could make folders to keep all of your commonly used actions and of course have access to recently cut actions. You could also include the other feature request and have the ability to save and paste just the "IF" parameter of a action. 

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    Better documentation on back up

    Rich D · 0 · Posted

    Currently there is  no help text "anywhere" for the correct method to back up data for install on new device. Both the android back up and Tasker's back up should have some "Very Clear" help text on how to get your Tasker data to a new device or just save it for a fresh install on the current device. It should be noted what is and is not backed up with each method. IE currently global variables and all saved projects, profiles, tasks, scenes in there respective folders are not saved in the Tasker Back up. I do not know

  • Support Advanced Messaging (RCS)

    Glenn Wood · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Newer Android phones have "Advanced Messaging" which isn't recognized as SMS or MMS messages so Tasker is not able to capture or react to these events.  Would like to have Tasker support this new message type.  Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 phones on ATT in US support this feature. See ATT info here:!/wireless/KM1062086

    See more info here from other Tasker users:!searchin/tasker/rcs%7Csort:date/tasker/4IRssi2DWO4/AH3a9a-CAwAJ

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    Change Scenes Seekbar to Material Design

    Zachary Keith · 0 · Posted

    Most elements in scenes have been updated to Material Design, but the seekbar has been left out and its feelings are you. Please update the seekbar to match MD and the rest of the scene elements. Thanks!

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    New Global Variable %SCENES to List All Scenes Created (visible or not)

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    Right now there's variables for current Tasks running (%TRUN) as well as Profiles Active (%PACTIVE), Profiles Enabled (PENABLED), etc.

    However - there's no Global Variable that contains a list of all Scenes currently 'created' - meaning they're active, whether showing or not.

    So I am putting forth a request for a new Glboal Vairable %SCENES to contain the name of all active Tasker Scenes. Then using any of the names in this list a "Query Scene" action can be run to ascertain if it is visible, hidden, etc. 

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    Ability to show maximum-width Task Names when adding Tasks to a Profile

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    Right now when a device is in Portrait mode and a Task needs to be added to a Profile - the menu that pops up truncates Task names since the menu is only maybe half the screen width.

    There should be an option to have that menu extend the full width of the screen so the most characters as possible of the Task name can be displayed.

    Right now Tasker just randomly cuts characters and replaces them with "..."

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    Event that fires wifi is turned off

    Peter Andersson · 0 · Posted

    Event that fires wifi is turned off.

    When I'm just out of range on wifi so that no data can be transmitted but the phone still thinks im connected, I often turn the wifi off but then I forget to turn it back on.

    With this I could create a task that would detect the turn off then wait 30 minutes and turn it back on again.

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    Automate XML backup

    Pete Kemp · 1 · Last reply by Pete Kemp

    A way to automatically export certain Project/Task/Scenes as XML to SD to allow for custom backup to cloud/FTP.

    The amount of times I've lost useful, complicated projects because my tasker backups are out of date is painful :(

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    Scenes can be used as WIDGETS on the Homescreen

    Tasker Pro · 1 · Last reply by Tasker Pro

    This is something that has been sorely missing from Tasker for sooo long. The ability for a Tasker Scene to be placed as an anchorable widget on the homescreen.

    This eliminates the need for work-arounds like using Zooper or KLWP, etc. It'll probably involve developing a whole new widget for Tasker but it'll be worth it. If anyone can figure it out - it's you Joao!!

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    Create timer without task

    Andrea Palazzo · 3 · Last reply by Andrea Palazzo

    It would be a good solution to be able to create timers without needing to create additional tasks.

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    Option to disable Display Off Monitoring

    Agraetz83 · 0 · Posted

    At the moment tasker only allows to increase the display off monitoring interval to 9999 seconds (~2,8h). I'd like to disable it entirely or better yet take FULL control which profiles are allowed to wake the device and which aren't.

    Background: I've got an exported kid app which is supposed to wake the device at predefined times. This is absolutely critical. There isn't anything else that should be done, if the user isn't actively using the device. Now Doze works like this: if an app wakes the device, it's blocked for another 9 minutes from waking the device again. If

  • Navigate into MicroSD and OTG for file operations

    Shane Duchock · 0 · Posted

    I would like more options for storage.  Backup to external MicroSD, OTG, or even cloud support would be nice. If the device becomes unbootable, external storage would be the only way to salvage a Tasker database.  Or if the device is lost, cloud storage would be the only hope.  Titanium Backup has this and it has bailed me out in 2 devices.

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    "Favorite Action" Toolbar to Quick-Add an Action

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    There should be a swipe-in icon toolbar (from the right side for example) or some other configuration where a user can choose often used actions, and assign them an icon, and then click to instantly add the action and go to its configuration screen.

    So rather than going into the Action list and having to click the categories, or even have to start typing the Action's name in the "Filter" field - this can quickly pop in whatever actions the user sets in the menu.

    Even something like "Variable Set". Click the Variables category all the actions look so similar

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    copy and paste If criteria

    Lynda Howell · 0 · Posted

    It'd be great to be able to copy the If section of one action to another.  There are certain criteria I use over and over, and typing them each time leads to typos.  And it's so frustrating to get a complex If tweaked just right and then realize I should have used a different action.  It'd be nice to be able to use Switch Action without losing the criteria, or to be able to copy the existing criteria and paste them into a new action.

    I'm not talking about copying the variable or value individually.  I know that's already possible. 

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    improved debugging

    Lynda Howell · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to see improved debugging options.  Like many people, I use Flash actions to check on progress of a complex task.  But those extra Flash actions have to be manually turned off or deleted or they clutter up the screen when the task is actually running.  And then they have to be recreated or turned back on when I need to tweak or troubleshoot the task. 

    I'd love to see another Alert type (or an option on the Flash action) that displays only in debug mode, and then an option at the task/profile level to turn debugging mode on/off

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    improved error handling and reporting

    Lynda Howell · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to see more informative error messages, including %errmsg set on every error, the values for %err defined in each action's documentation, and something more than Err displayed in the RunLog.  I think the message displayed in the editor when a plugin has an error could also be made more useful, as could the warnings shown on startup.

    I'd also like to see more error handling, so the steps of saving, examining, and clearing each error don't have to be recreated for each potentially failing action.  

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    SMS out capture or Join file capture

    Rich Carpenter · 0 · Posted

    At my last check neither of these features was possible but I would like to see

    1. Allowing Tasker to monitor outgoing sms messages (and assigning a var)


    2. Allow Tasker to capture the Join files that are used in it's use (sms=:=, lastsms=:=, contacts=:=, pushes=:=, etc.) to create profiles with them as a trigger.

    I would rather have #2 but.....


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    Native dialog

    Simone Sanci · 0 · Posted

    You could add the dialogs of autotools or uitask, natives of tasker. I think it's too hard to edit a scene.

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    Change of plugin protocol

    John Doe · 0 · Posted

    Current plugin protocol is no more updated to the new Android policy, intent based communication has several cons. A service binding using AIDL should be much better. The interface should:

    1) Provides info to plugins when there is at least one active profile involving the plugin to allow it to setup a service if needed;

    2) Provides info to plugins when there is no more an active profile involving the plugin to allow it to shutdown a service if needed;

    3) Allow the plugin to stay alive using a bound service without being killed by the system;

    4) Allow always

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    Scene layouts

    John Doe · 0 · Posted

    Creating a scene for several device is just a pain, the activity layout should scale according the screen size of target device, it shouldn't use any absolute layout or fixed aspect ratio.