Tasker is running deleted profiles

I made a divert call profile, that did not work as expected (I set the pattern to **1 and redirect to my Mom's number, without knowing about the significance of * char). Basically, any call to a number ending in 1 was diverted to Mom.

I deleted the profile but the diverted action was still active. I restarted the phone - same.

I disabled Tasker -  the diversion was off. Enabling Tasker reactivated the diversion.

Phone: Xiaomi Mi A1 - Android Pie.

I'll have to stop using Tasker untill the problem is solved.

Update: I deleted all profiles and restarted phone.

The diversion is still active.

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I'm using v5.6.1b.bf3

I solved the problem by uninstalling / reinstalling Tasker. The problem does not show anymore, therefore I does not make sense to try Menu > Data > Clear.

Additional info: later a become aware about the need to execute the Call Revert action to cancel Call Divert, however I think a phone restart and deletion / inactivation / modification of the Call Divert action should be enough to make it go for good.

I have looked into it, and that's how it's supposed to work :) Those settings are not cleared unless you clear them yourself with the corresponding action!

Check the help page for the action :)

Thanks for the report. What version of Tasker are you using?

Also, what happens if you select Menu > Data > Clear?

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