Common Problems

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    Speakerphone action not working on many devices

    Robert L Ryan · 8 · Last reply by svyatko Huk

    Many users are reporting that the speakerphone action is broken. I know that it never worked on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 with Nougat or my Samsung Galaxy S9 with Oreo.

    OnePlus and Pixel devices are also experiencing this issue.

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    Take call in Nougat

    Ian Grody · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Sadly not a root free method, but rooted users can take a call in Nougat by using input keyevent 5 - Could this please be added as a Take Call action if root is available please? Thanks.

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    App Factory: Operation not permitted

    João Dias · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    When exporting an app with App Factory the attached issue happens on some devices.

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    Deletion of two profiles at the same time is not possible

    Wolfgang Voigt · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    When I want to delete two profiles (or more) at the same time I select them both first.

    But the delete icon doesn't work then. It works when only one profile is selected, but not for two.

    I thinks this should be an easy fix.



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    Does not detect app launched if opened from recents in Android P. Only when launched from app icon or launcher.

    Sean Culligan · 2 · Last reply by Sean Culligan

    I have a profile that detects when certain apps are launched. I found that if you launch the app from the app icon or launcher, it works fine (even if the app is currently in the recents list). If you re-open the app from the recents list, it doesn't detect the app as running or sometimes detects it but takes a long time and possibly only when you pull down the notifications. 

    Android version: 9

    Tasker version: 5.2.bf1

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    Phone Ringing Event Not Working

    Erickt420 · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have a Pixel 2 XL on Android P.

    I am unable to get the Phone Ringing Event to fire at all when I receive calls. I have the volume on and am calling from a phone with a custom ringtone set. The UI of the app shows no activity when I receive a call, and the run log is completely empty after calling myself multiple times. The task that should fire simply sets a variable to 1 for now.

    Please let me know if I can provide any other information to help debug this issue.

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    Import via share link fails due to missing permissions

    schlimbo · 0 · Posted

    When trying to import a project that has root actions integrated (via TaskerNET link), the import fails on non-rooted devices.

    I get the following message during the import dialog:

    Missing Permissions

    Tasker needs the following permission(s) for the functionality you have configured:

    Root Access

    If i then click "ok" nothing happens and the import aborts without message

    I don't see a reason why the import should not work in this case.

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    Join no longer triggering Tasker profile

    Chris Thielker · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    My join commands that I use to create notifications in Tasker no longer are triggering Tasker to run tasks. Nothing has changed in my Tasker or server side. The task runs fine when triggered manually in Tasker.

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    Slider Scene Element Bugs

    Robert L Ryan · 1 · Last reply by Tasker Pro
    • Using the Element Value action on a slider, with the scene visible, fails to activate the Value Selected event task. The documentation clearly states that changing the slider value with this action should activate the event task.
    • The text for the indicators does not scale with screen resolution, making them practically useless. On my device they look like periods.
    • There is no way to change the color or width of the line the thumb slides on. Sky blue isn't always the best choice.
    • There is no obvious way to make a vertical slider.
    • During touch movement, the slider value does not
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    Bug found: Race condition when updating scene elements

    Noel Yap · 0 · Posted

    When programmatically updating two scene elements, one element will get the value of the other, at least for Number Pickers. `new_val` acts like a Singleton having just one state.

    I've been seeing this behavior for the Expiry Hours element. Logging shows one value of `%new_val` before the assignment and a different value after the assignment.

    Logging shows `eh` eventually getting the value meant for `em`.

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    Google Drive Backup Failed - Beta 5.4.5b

    Philip Schaffer · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    The Google Drive Backup feature of Beta 5.4.5b appears to fail if an apostrophe is used in the device name.  Tasker is able to create the Tasker\data\backups folder but never creates the subfolder with the device name.  My device was named "Phil's S8".  After changing the name to "Phils S8", the device folder and backup file were created correctly.  I suspect this issue is caused by the apostrophe being interpreted as a delimiter.

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    MS Exchange calendar availability nor detected correctly

    ArnaudB88 · 0 · Posted

    Very detailed background: Calendar entries can have different availability options to mark a calendar entry as "free" or "busy". A normal calendar entry for a meeting would be marked as "busy" and is the default. You can also have an entry marked as "free" when you want more of a reminder of a meeting that you might not attend. This concept exists in both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. Google Calendar shows this setting as "Show me as" with options Available and Busy and Exchange shows this setting as "Status" with options Busy, Free, Tentative, or Out of Office.


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    Tasker crashes when creating task with too many steps

    Pascal Ledoux · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have a task that's nearing 170 steps in tasker, and whenever I add about 5 more steps, tasker will crash when I try to edit any step of the task... For now I split off my task into two and have both called up when a trigger fires up, but I'll be needing this fixed to finish up the project.

    Couldn't seem to find any solution to this. Tasker is up to date, and I'm running Android 7.1.2.

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    App factory problem with media button event

    8500 · 0 · Posted

    When i create a standalone app with appfactory 5.6, the the media button event is not received by the app. In tasker 5.6 itself it works perfectly.

    Please help. I'm stuck! 

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    Notify action icon bug in MIUI

    rinoo · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I noticed that changing icon in notify action in tasker doesn't work. It always show default Tasker app icon in notification. The same is happening in Autonotification.

    On stackoverflow i found this:

    And i made task which show notification with correct icon, so is it possible to fix this bug in Tasker?

    My device is Xiaomi Redmi 4X with MIUI 8 / MIUI 9

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    Userguide problem "Not Found"

    Donald · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    On this web page { } if you click on "menu options" you get to { } which says "The requested URL /userguide/en/menus was not found on this server."

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    Does not automatically set Do Not Disturb to all upon exit task

    Kev · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have set a Car task that is appropriately triggered when connected to car audio. It correctly sets Do Not Disturb to Alarms Only. As an exit task, Tasker is supposed to run another task that includes setting Do Not Disturb back to All, but it fails to do it automatically. When I manually run the task, it works though. I've attached the exit task  

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    [BUG] Tasker inserted calendar event with 'all day' tag can't be found with "test app -> Calendar..." actions

    Karolis Užkuraitis · 0 · Posted

    Calendar insert: All day: true Title: SomeEvent

    Test app: Type: Calendar Title Data: %TIMES

    expected: returns event "SomeEvent"

    got: returns events created manually via google calendar app.

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    Help pages in German often don't exist

    bege · 2 · Last reply by bege

    When I tap on the help button in Tasker I often get "page not available". Because I use German system language Tasker help links to German help pages. That's nice, but many pages seem not to be translated.

    Please, if there is no German help page but an English one for an item redirect to the English page.

    Thank you very much.

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    Custom Quick Settings tiles don't work via Tasker

    bege · 0 · Posted

    I use latest Custom Quick Settings and Tasker versions on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-G901F), LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1).

    Custom Quick Settings tiles like reboot and reboot recovery work from quick settings, but using them in Tasker has no result.