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    Take call in Nougat

    Ian Grody · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Sadly not a root free method, but rooted users can take a call in Nougat by using input keyevent 5 - Could this please be added as a Take Call action if root is available please? Thanks.

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    Join no longer triggering Tasker profile

    Chris Thielker · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    My join commands that I use to create notifications in Tasker no longer are triggering Tasker to run tasks. Nothing has changed in my Tasker or server side. The task runs fine when triggered manually in Tasker.

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    App Factory: Operation not permitted

    João Dias · 2 · Last reply by Jordan Wyman

    When exporting an app with App Factory the attached issue happens on some devices.

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    [BUG] Tasker inserted calendar event with 'all day' tag can't be found with "test app -> Calendar..." actions

    Karolis Užkuraitis · 0 · Posted

    Calendar insert: All day: true Title: SomeEvent

    Test app: Type: Calendar Title Data: %TIMES

    expected: returns event "SomeEvent"

    got: returns events created manually via google calendar app.

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    Tasker doesn't detect if WiFi is connected or not while VPN is active on Android P

    Matthias Pröll · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    Tasker Version: 5.4.3b.jf

    Android Version: Android Pie

    Phone: OnePlus 6

    Tasker doesn't detect if WiFi is connected or not while a VPN is running.

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    8.1 getting java.lang.securityexception

    Gary · 2 · Last reply by Gary

    See the attachment. Happens when tasker tries to set a ringtone. App permissions are turned on.

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    There is no "Order Validation" choice under /More/..

    Mihaly Fekete · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I've just invested in a new phone and wanted to relocate my Tasker app to it.

    Downloaded the latest release (5.2.bf1) from and installed on the new phone, but when I open the app and look for the "Order Validation" choice under /More/ menu I can't find it.

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    palavra "esqueda" que deveria ser: "esquerda"

    Horrorbjgames · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    A uma falta muito grande na tradução das strings em português e esse erro já esta no tasker faz tempo. Queria que a tradução fosse melhor para um app que está pago na play store. E também deixem o guia do usuário em português.

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    how to start tasker after reboot and unlock

    Dawns · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I use OnePlus 5,the system is Android 7.1.1.As we know,reboot need input PIN to unlock,then app can run.I use Xposed edge pro can auto unlock.I want know how to use Tasker to auto unlock phone.

    I use Shell code can unlock after inputed first PIN.

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    [BUG] Latest update broke profile using AutoNotification. The Plugin can't find existing notifications anymore

    Florian H · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Getting the error

    "Autonotification action error"

    Notification can't be updated because no notification with the same ID (1) exists

    The profiles and tasks were working flawlessly for the last year, notifications can still be created but I can't update them anymore it seems.

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    Bug found: Race condition when updating scene elements

    Noel Yap · 0 · Posted

    When programmatically updating two scene elements, one element will get the value of the other, at least for Number Pickers. `new_val` acts like a Singleton having just one state.

    I've been seeing this behavior for the Expiry Hours element. Logging shows one value of `%new_val` before the assignment and a different value after the assignment.

    Logging shows `eh` eventually getting the value meant for `em`.

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    Can't purchase

    Joseph · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Hi, is there anywhere else I can purchase this from besides the PlayStore? Like the amazon app store, just that I only use 1 email address with all my payment details on and that's Hotmail, I only use made up Gmail accounts, I'd Never trust Google to store any of my details. If not I'd have to wait until received enough rewards on my made up Gmail account. Thanks.

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    Cancel import from URL link

    . · 0 · Posted

    When you click on an URL link to import items in to Tasker, if you choose to cancel by choosing the back button on the navigation bar instead of touching No on the screen, a toast notification pops up saying "Imported". I think the default action when choosing to use the back button should be to cancel unless the user explicitly chooses yes.

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    Get location not working

    Peťo Obert · 6 · Last reply by Peťo Obert

    Need gps coordinates via tasker. When I start the task, in status bar appears location icon but when I want see %LOC variable, it's empty. 

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    Variable Project Placemnet

    Scott Almond · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Hi Joao


       I have a project that uses Autoremote to poll information from my other devices. Whilst half of the variables (The manually named ones) show under the projects "vars" tab, the other half of my variables are named and created based on the info that the project polls from my other devices. These dynamically named variables do not show under the projects "vars" tab but instead under the "base/default" projects "var" tab. The only difference with these variables is the name of the variable being created from the info that Autoremote polls. All profiles/tasks are under my

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    Creating a App that starts automatically when a device is booted.

    Alan · 0 · Posted

    I have created a Tasker Project ( called BillFolder) with a :

    Profile – ( called Start )-Boot Device which links to my tasks called wifion.

    ( to start the project/app when the device is booted)

    And a simple task sequence called Wifion.

    1-Wait 7 minutes

    2-Wifi – Set on

    3-Wait 5 seconds

    4-Wifi Net – Action Reconnect

    5-Wait 7 minutes

    6-Goto type Action Number 1

    Under preferences – Monitor – Run In Foreground is not selected.

    UI – Beginner Mode is not selected.

    The project has no user interface , and should auto start at power up and just

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    Cannot prevent services from accessing network

    Reuben Firmin · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I'm on a limited bandwidth wifi connection. Every day around 1PM Google Play Services gets online and uses 3Mb for about 10 minutes, which severely degrades the internet for all other clients.

    I set up a task & profile to prevent Play (the app) from accessing the network during the day. That didn't work - looks like Play (the service) is the real culprit. But, there's no way (it seems) to prevent a service from accessing it.

    So, then I set up a rule to deny all network access between certain hours (really it needs a location in the profile

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    MS Exchange calendar availability nor detected correctly

    ArnaudB88 · 0 · Posted

    Very detailed background: Calendar entries can have different availability options to mark a calendar entry as "free" or "busy". A normal calendar entry for a meeting would be marked as "busy" and is the default. You can also have an entry marked as "free" when you want more of a reminder of a meeting that you might not attend. This concept exists in both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. Google Calendar shows this setting as "Show me as" with options Available and Busy and Exchange shows this setting as "Status" with options Busy, Free, Tentative, or Out of Office.


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    João Dias · 0 · Posted
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