cell near does not work in Android 9

The "Cell Near" feature in Profiles does not work in Android 9, neither with the original mode nor with the "new API" that is suggested in the app.
specific conclusions at this time:
 - No cell information is returned if I scan for the current location
 - No current cell information is recognised, and therefore profiles with "Cell Near" as entry condition currently do not work

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Is location enabled on your device? Unfortunately that's the only way it'll work...

No it (normally) isn't... 
It seems that this indeed has become a requirement in Android 9


I have the same problem since I updated to Pie. Cells are only found when GPS is active, which renders the Cell Near feature virtually useless.

You don't need to have the GPS active, you only need to enable location on your phone (it'll not be using the GPS at all times) and give Tasker location permission

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