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    Creating a App that starts automatically when a device is booted.

    Alan · 0 · Posted

    I have created a Tasker Project ( called BillFolder) with a :

    Profile – ( called Start )-Boot Device which links to my tasks called wifion.

    ( to start the project/app when the device is booted)

    And a simple task sequence called Wifion.

    1-Wait 7 minutes

    2-Wifi – Set on

    3-Wait 5 seconds

    4-Wifi Net – Action Reconnect

    5-Wait 7 minutes

    6-Goto type Action Number 1

    Under preferences – Monitor – Run In Foreground is not selected.

    UI – Beginner Mode is not selected.

    The project has no user interface , and should auto start at power up and just

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    Media Play Dir sometimes plays nothing

    egg · 0 · Posted

    I want to play a random song from a folder when I shake my phone and it usually works but sometimes it just doesn't play a song. I turned off random to see if it always happens at the same place and it happens after all the other songs have been played once.

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    Cannot prevent services from accessing network

    Reuben Firmin · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I'm on a limited bandwidth wifi connection. Every day around 1PM Google Play Services gets online and uses 3Mb for about 10 minutes, which severely degrades the internet for all other clients.

    I set up a task & profile to prevent Play (the app) from accessing the network during the day. That didn't work - looks like Play (the service) is the real culprit. But, there's no way (it seems) to prevent a service from accessing it.

    So, then I set up a rule to deny all network access between certain hours (really it needs a location in the profile

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    Plus ins need to be manually edited after tasker data restore on new device

    insaned · 0 · Posted

    Upon installation of a new device and the tasker restoration of data, tasker plug ins need to be re-edited manually (sometimes just click the edit button and exit is enough) to be able to work as it looks like otherwise it won't generate the variables. Even if each plug in app itself is opened beforehand, it stills need to be edited in tasker.

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    Destroy scene animation glitch

    Delords Arthur · 0 · Posted

    Hello Joao,

    Destroying scenes in the background brings them to the foreground in a glitchy animation which really takes away from UX.

    I know this isn't a mainstream request but it's the only thing keeping me from publishing a very impressive app I built using Tasker on the Play Store and I would really appreciate it if you'd take a look at the issue, thanks!

    P.S. I've attached a video showing this animation glitch in my app while switching tabs.

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    Javascript(let) does not set local variables when manual exit() is called

    Richard Kemp · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    Create a javascriptlet with content `var test = 1`, and follow it with an action to flash %test. You should see a flash containing "1". Now put `exit();` at the end of the javascriptlet, and you will notice that the variable is not set when the flash action happens.

    In summary, JS variables are only translated into Tasker variables when exit() is not called. Is there any way around this? Perhaps a taskerfyVariables() function that could be called before exit() ?

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    Profiles not working on Xiaomi MIA1 Android PIE 9.0 when screen is locked

    achar · 6 · Last reply by João Dias

    Hello, i'm using tasker for several years now for some routine scripts (launch music player when bluetooth headset is connected then launch music, send domoticz commands when i come home, that kind of things). I updated my phone (Xiaomi MIA1) to Android 9.0 friday night and now tasker is not able to activate any profile at all. The app is of course removed from battery optimization and is always running. I activated all permissions and accessibility either.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it did nothing. If i test the profiles one by one it works correctly. Thanks.

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    Get voice action brings tasker to foreground.

    Rich D · 0 · Posted

    When a 'get voice ' action is run and Tasker has not been closed (by backing out) and is in the background,  the action will bring tasker to the foreground and show the get voice input promt. This will not happen if tasker has been closed by using the back button prior to the action running.

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    Brightness change back when pressing on/off button

    Nilsson · 6 · Last reply by Nilsson


    Have a action with brightness level 255. This works flawless and the brightness goes to maximum. When pressing on/off button so screen get black, and turn the screen on again the brightness has changed to what is was before pressing the action. This works om my old Lg g2, but not the Huawei p20. Any tips?

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    My phone does not allow outgoing calls while tasker is running

    Jcartru · 5 · Last reply by João Dias

    I have a motorola moto E, android version 6.0. Every time I place a phone call the outgoing call is blocked and the following message comes up " bloqueado por patrón * ". I have even deleted all the saved tasks and profiles but it is still coming up.

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    Have a problem? Please share it with us and we will do our best to solve it!

    João Dias · 0 · Posted
    Looking for a solution to your problem? Start by writing it here. Chances are someone has experienced it in the past and will help you resolve it.
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    miui10 android 8.0 ringtone

    leomaks leomaks · 9 · Last reply by João Dias

    I can not change rington

    But if I select this file by ES Explorer there is no error, but this ringtone looks like this:

    So I can not use %var (random ringtone)