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    Is it possible to do a little something with the main screen Ui, specifically the + in a circle on the bottom right that lets you create new profiles.

    H Wolfe · 0 · Posted

    The screen shot shows how the icon half obscures the last section on the bottom of the screen. To be honest the whole placement looks a bit bodged, there is lots of space in the title bar for that icon (between the search icon and the Tasker word) Wouldn't it be a better use of space to insert the + icon there?

    Another alternative then would be to place the + icon before the house icon on the bottom row with a separator between. The point being that the + icon isn't obscuring any other items or text like it

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    Multipart Binary SMS support

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    Text SMS already has this facility to break up > 150 character long SMS and send it as a multipart message, so the recipient just sees one large mesaage.

    However, sending a data/binary SMS, we are limited to 133 bytes due to the UDH informing it's binary and anything larger, the SMS fails.

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    Root based WiFi scanning

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    With Android P further making restrictions to WiFi scanning and it being pitiful at best in N+ (thanks, Google), is there any chances of a root based workaround using "iw" command on the shell? This not only will allow us to perform wifi scans whenever, but will also yield far more data (WPA/WPS/HT/etc).

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    Have option for CRLF line end with write file

    Steve Waring · 0 · Posted

    This would avoid the need for a Javascriptlet

    var cret = "\r"

    and adding %cret at the end of write file data when append newline is ticked, or

    var crlf = "\r\n"

    and %crlf at the end of write file data.

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    Better Built-In Image Selector

    Brett Mello · 0 · Posted

    Every time I try to choose an Icon for my Tasks, I can choose "Local Media". However, this always takes me to Android's default gallery, which we all know how good that is. Is there any way to change this. 


    For example:

    From within AutoTools configs, I have the option to choose ES File Browser among the many other options. This also allows me to import images from the Cloud or LAN.  When choosing an icon for a specific task, "Local Media" does not offer the same options in the gallery. I'm not sure this affects all Android default

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    Marcel D'Avis · 0 · Posted

    in and for tasks and profiles

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    PHP parser similar to javascriptlet

    adomm420 · 0 · Posted

    This would be a great addition for someone who's very familiar with the PHP programming language and would save a lot of time, as well as would shrink down the tasker tasks for loops/cycles and many other thinks like date function, strtotime function and so on.

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    Bluetooth scanning

    Scott Miller · 0 · Posted

    Since Android 7, I think, Bluetooth scanning has been available without having Bluetooth turned on. But Tasker still requires Bluetooth to be turned on for Bluetooth near to work. This is similar to WiFi scanning without WiFi turned on, and Tasker does take advantage of this for WiFi near. It would be really useful if Tasker would receive support for Bluetooth scanning, so that Bluetooth could remain off when not in use. This would also eliminate the need for the toggle Bluetooth option in Bluetooth near for those using a supported Android version.

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    Customisable profile banner in notification area

    Sébastien GOETZ · 0 · Posted

    The notification from Tasker that shows the profiles to be used in top bar from the OS should be have personnisation possibility's .... like differents colors, background or texts ... (sorry for my english)

    Thank U for interest !


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    Larger IF condition box

    Peter Kirkwood · 0 · Posted

    I would find it helpful if the right hand data condition field on IF actions were larger, maybe on a new line, or expandable? It's fine for a variable or constant, but I've been using some ~160 character regex conditions and they're awkward to edit. Yes, I know about and copy&paste but to change one or two characters could be easier.

    Thanks for all your excellent work in any case.

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    Tasker could be able to record videos discreetly

    Horrorbjgames · 0 · Posted

    Tasker would help a lot in certain moments when we have to be discreet time to record a video, because not always the photo can take the exact moment when someone tries to unlock the cell phone or several other moments in which a quick function with the tasker that would come to be very useful at these times.

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    Record audio in .mp3 since it is more popular among the devices

    Horrorbjgames · 0 · Posted

    Tasker has the possibility to record audios but only in .mp4, .3gpp and so on. I do not understand why not in .mp3 if you have up to how to record it in video format?

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    Would there be any way to edit html text without using codes

    Horrorbjgames · 0 · Posted

    Knows many people do not want to learn the formation of html codes could create a type a word only in the tasker or something like that.

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    Better design when doing animations in scenes

    Horrorbjgames · 0 · Posted

    Could have some way to make more beautiful animations in the scenes of the tasker because the effect of decreasing the size of the element is a bit strange when it is defined along with the action that moves the elements of the scene.

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    It could be unlimited the time of action "get voice"

    Horrorbjgames · 0 · Posted

    Well, I wanted to do a voice text with the tasker but, it has a limit of up to 40 seconds. It could do something like having a button to proceed with the voice obtained and another to cancel, but also if it is not because something is uncertain by google then have a perception of the voice that continues when listening to the sound and when to get anything or the gift is too low to make it proceed.

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    "Restore Settings" disabled by default option when creating new Profiles.

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    Most people using Tasker these days are savvy enough to understand that Profiles have "Exit" Tasks, and when they try to adjust certain settings - the Profile's "Restore Settings" feature being checked by default causes A LOT of confusion.

    A good answer to this is to have a simple checkbox item in Tasker's Preferences labelled something like "Restore Settings" Enabled By Default". And that way anyone who wants it NOT enabled by default when creating new Profiles can have it that way.

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    Confirm close of Tasker

    Martin BD · 0 · Posted

    I'd like an option to enable "Confirm Quit" i.e. "Press back again to close the app" since I often close the app unintentionally while browsing back and fourth between profiles/tasks with the on-screen navigation.

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    Grace period for sensible state contexts to activate/deactivate

    Flavio Delgado · 1 · Last reply by Flavio Delgado

    An option in seconds the state must remain in the same condition until it finally (de)activates.

    This will make profiles more reliable and easier to use, instead of adding waits and conditions in tasks.

    Net: BT/Wifi connected

    Phone: Signal strenght

    Sensor: Magnetic field

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    access group / mms body text

    Joe · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to be able to create a notification using the body of a group / mms message. I can easily do this with an SMS, but there isn't a variable that works with MMS / group messages... I use it to send the body of the message to my watch.

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