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    Support VoLTE on mobile network state

    Caio Lima Netto · 0 · Posted

    Currently, when the cell towers switch to VoLTE, they often disconnect other call radios (3G/4G). As such, tasks monitoring if I am connected will fail since network state does not support VoLTE. 

    Is it possible to add detection for it and thus a checkbox for VoLTE on state too? 

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    mqtt publish for phone notifications in Join

    Kunal Deo · 0 · Posted

    The use cases that it can solve is:

    1. Forward notification to media players like Kodi, Plex, LG WebOS TV 

    2. Forward notification to smart displays

    3. Record/Save notifications in a database for future references,

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    Display Cutout managed by Tasker

    Android Pie supports notches, with that said it has special apps for handling notched displays. It would be useful if Tasker could activate any one of those apps and based upon the app is launched, turn on an overlay. Like maybe, I wanted as much screen as possible on Google Duo, Tasker would switch to the default notch setting. Then I could want to watch YouTube, Tasker would switch to the hide option giving me a uniform experience. 

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    Launch and query app activities with AutoLaunch

    Soumya Ranjan Mahunt · 0 · Posted

    It would be helpfule to launch app activities or query app activities with AutoLaunch. 

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    Disable action inside tasks

    Soumya Ranjan Mahunt · 0 · Posted

    Right now profiles can be disabled, adding option to disable an action in a task by providing action number or label. 

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    Context inside tasks

    Soumya Ranjan Mahunt · 0 · Posted

    The idea is in a task flow hold on untill something is changed or something is accomplished.

    There can be an optional wait time specified for maximum time to wait.

    Like in a task wait untill internet available, or wait untill a variable changed(although it is available in wait untill task, there is no option for maximum time to wait). Moniter something in between a task and proceed after it changed status. 

    Using multiple profiles can accomplish this but giving this option would really be helpful.

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    Number picker increment

    Khunicycler · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to be able to use the number picker in a scene for picking a time, but I don't want to have to scroll through every number. I'd like to be able to scroll by increments of my choosing  such as 5, 10, or 15 to make it easier to pick a time

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    Exempt some tasks/profiles from logging

    Miles Cheang · 0 · Posted

    Would like some tasks/profiles to be exempt from logging.  My Android SoC has a bunch of small home automation tasks to process every couple minutes, and as you can imagine, my log gets flooded pretty quick. Thanks much. 

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    Action to change another action's conditions

    Matteo · 1 · Last reply by Matteo

    My Tasker automatically ends calls from some phone numbers presenting a same pattern (End call action if %CNUM ~ /*xxxxxx*/*yyyyyy*/). I would like to add newcoming patterns without having to manually edit this condition by opening Tasker. When a new pattern is detected and is represented by %blockcall for example in the detection task, I can add it by Set %BLOCKCALL : /*%blockcall*%BLOCKCALL (%BLOCKCALL would be the already blocked patterns /*xxx*/*yyy*/) but then I can't automatically modify the End call action's condition. I would like an action in the detection task that replaces other actions in other tasks or their

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    Better Links in Error Message Popup

    Stefan · 1 · Last reply by Stefan

    After activating the option in settings to show error message popups these are not very helpful. For example a popup tells me multiple times that a plugin is missing but I can't identify which one is not available. There are just numbers with links in the popup but clicking on the links make them show up in the dialer instead of leading to the profile or task with the problem.

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    Add option to disable badges for newly added actions

    Matej Drobnič · 0 · Posted

    As much as I love Tasker, this is not the social media app that needs to grab my attention. It is a tool that I use to automate my workflows. 

    I don't like the fact that Tasker seems to place notification badges on new actions. It creates annoyance after every update and it makes me annoyed at the new features (exactly opposite feeling to the one I wanted).

    It would be useful if there was a way to disable that.

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    Add variable and context for battery temperature

    Stefan · 1 · Last reply by Stefan

    It would be nice to have a context and a variable for battery temperature. This could be used for warning the user on high battery temperature and also take appropriate actions (reduce brightness, activate powersave mode, etc. )

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    Automate merging calls into a conference.

    Muhammad Majid · 0 · Posted


    Requesting feature to make 2 calls merge into a conference call.

    Here's what i'm trying to achieve here.

    I have an expensive call plan which allows me to make unlimited local and international calls. The only way i can let my wife use it for international calls (without her having access to my phone) is to give her a local call, make another international call, and merge them into a conference and let her talk to her heart's content.

    What i'm trying to achieve is to automate the conference call based on the sms so that she could do

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    Perform Task action, tap on it gets to that task (like browsing folders)

    Henry · 0 · Posted

    Like the title says, one of the things missing that I feel would be great.


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    More VPN tools

    Ralph · 0 · Posted

    The current VPN tools that Tasker supports is the firewall namely "Network Access". This tool is only limited to blocking and allowing apps to connect to the internet. There are a lot of features that can be added like Custom Filter by "NoRoot Firewall", a feature that can deny or allow certain IP's of a certain app for internet access. "HTTP Injector" that has a Custom DNS feature. These apps uses VPN for their features to work and I believe that the Tasker can make it too.

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    Increase Granularity of State> TIME>Every to seconds

    Sriram SV · 0 · Posted

    Tasker currently can only perform repeated timely tasks every 1 minute (if given every =2 minutes). Sometimes waiting 1 minute is too long for the profile to become active and Task>Wait does have concurrency issues while multiple tasks are running in parallel.

    Want this to be decreased to 1 seconds level so that tasks can poll faster and profiles get triggered at lesser times.

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    New context -> State -> Epoch Time

    Rich D · 1 · Last reply by Rich D

    This has been a long sought for ability and requested many times in the past. It would work as the variable time context works only include a date along with time. It would be set with global variables.  I think a new context would be better then updating the existing time or date contexts. 

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    Administrator Level

    Ralph · 0 · Posted

    Just like the Island app by Oasis Feng, Tasker should also have the same feature that can handle both (Mainland and Island) personal and work profile and to be able to have an app state for work apps and to be able to freeze app in both profiles.

    And to also add some features that is only accessible with the administrator user.

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    Remove Red/Green Indicator from If/Then/Else when Local Variable present

    Tasker Pro · 1 · Last reply by Henry

    Anytime there's a local variable name present anywhere in an If/The/Else statement - the red/green indicator will never EVER light up correctly.

    Including and even when using the step-Play icon to go through the Task step-by-step.

    Therefore the red/green indicator should never show up whenever a local variable name is present in the comparison. It just creates clutter and confuses people newer to Tasker.

    For those people who have used Tasker for a while - although we've become accustomed to just ignoring it, with a solution so simple, that shouldn't have to be the case.

    I guess the ultimate suggestion