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    Call events dual sim support

    Adresar Skuta · 0 · Posted


    When waiting for call event like "Missed Call" I need to find out which sim card the call was missed on. this not supported now. This prevents me from using the app, instead I use Automate app :-(

    there is support when I send SMS for second sim card.. but that is for nothing if I don't knoiw where I missed the call :-D

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    Integrated file browsing

    Koolgraph · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    There is already a file browser inside tasker for setting variables. We should be able to use the same page as an action. More so now that file magic is no longer on the play store.

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    Replace Notify My Android

    Jack · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Notify My Android was discontinued😐

    Please add a different provider to allow communication to android via web url similar to how Notify My Android. 

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    A share community easy to use like Workflow

    Z ZHANG · 2 · Last reply by Z ZHANG

    A use-to-use share community is helpful to guide the newcomers and maintain the vitality of the APP.

    However, it is inconvenient when you want to share your useful profile to others. Here are some common ways I saw on the internet:

    1. Record a video to tell others how to set a profile. I think this would hold back most people who just want to share their thoughts.

    2. Write down all the setting steps like this one:

    3. Export profile and import profile. 

    I think Workflow on iOS has done a good job. as attached file. Click the button

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    Create TaskerNET URL to access all shared files

    Mat Zolnierczyk · 0 · Posted

    TaskerNET URL allows you to share a single link to a profile|project|task It would be good to have a special URL that you can also share to allow people to see all uploaded content, with a possible way to modify the URL  should you want to deactivate the previously granted access.

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    Add an option "Wait for return" in Send Intent (Native Task)

    Erik Gerardo · 0 · Posted


    A1:Send Intent



    Mime Type:








    Select the folder and return the path in a variable (Data URI).

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    send emails without request

    luca malatesta · 6 · Last reply by Peter Meiser

    I think it is really useful to insert a function to send emails without request (being able to configure the various smtp parameters), now I can do it with an external plugin but it would be better to have it integrated.

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    Add Keyboard "Is shown" and "Close" Actions

    Robert L Ryan · 4 · Last reply by João Dias

    We currently have an action to show the soft keyboard. However, there is currently no way to detect if the keyboard is already showing. Some way to detect this state has been requested several times on various Tasker forums.

    I request an action to close the keyboard, if currently shown, and an action that returns the current state of the keyboard.

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    Intent Firewall

    Ian Grody · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Root use only, but apply a firewall for intents. This can implicitly block, allow and log all intents sent and received on Android and apps.

    Reference and more information;

    Thank you.

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    Tasker notification information

    Robert Peña · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    In later versions of Android (I believe 8.0+) there is an option to minimize notifications if you long-press the notification. This minimizes the notification and it has a downward arrow so you can expand it. 

    For Tasker, it just shows Tasker * Tasker whereas other apps show some text like AppName * CurrentProcess. If I expand the Tasker notification it looks like the word "Tasker" is the title of the process running which is in bold text. Under that are the current tasks running which is not in bold. So, it seems it would just be a matter of removing

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    Bluetooth scanning

    Scott Miller · 0 · Posted

    Since Android 7, I think, Bluetooth scanning has been available without having Bluetooth turned on. But Tasker still requires Bluetooth to be turned on for Bluetooth near to work. This is similar to WiFi scanning without WiFi turned on, and Tasker does take advantage of this for WiFi near. It would be really useful if Tasker would receive support for Bluetooth scanning, so that Bluetooth could remain off when not in use. This would also eliminate the need for the toggle Bluetooth option in Bluetooth near for those using a supported Android version.

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    Get information back from called app through intents

    Dimitrios K · 2 · Last reply by Dimitrios K

    When sending intents, it would be useful if we could get data back from the called apps. So, for example, we could send an intent to pick a file and the called app would return the file in question, rather than developing a file browser or using a plug-in. This would be useful in other situations well

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    Run sub-tasks

    John Doe · 3 · Last reply by Jim Becker

    1) Allow the "perform task" action to have unlimited number of parameters

    2) Allow the "perform task" action to return an array variable

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    Scene editing widgets camoflaged when love wallpaper is used.

    Noel Yap · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    When a live wallpaper is being used, scene editing has a completely white background which makes the widgets invisible. Can this be fixed?

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    Add a "Copy Info" option to the menu->info

    Rich D · 3 · Last reply by André Jeromin

    Usually the first response From João to a request for help is "Tasker Version ?"  especially when dealing with betas. It would be very useful to have a menu option like Menu -> Info > copy tasker info.

    This would set the clipboard to all data João would feel necessary to properly assess help requests. Such as Tasker version, app factory version, android version, device, rooted, ect..