Android TV Oreo accessibility problems


When I activate accessibility for Tasker on my Android TV (Mi Box) running Oreo I can no longer access the left bar of apps, only the cards on the right.

Check the attached image, normally you can access everything shown in the picture. But as soon as I activate accessibility I cannot move the "cursor" over to the left (circled in blue).

I am 100% that Tasker is the problem, tested on two boxes, same thing.

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The problem is I don't have any clue of what's causing it... Do you have any clues on what the bug is? Thanks!

It was previously thought to only be able to be fixed by Google themselves (which they’ve done nothing). Even Nvidia themselves said so on the Shield TV forums.

But at least this developer figured a way around it, I don’t know what they had to do, but it worked. I’m emailing the developer of: 


about the release notes:

-fix AndroidTV Oreo bugs”

asking if they can comment on this thread letting us know how they did it. As far as I’m aware, they’re the first to get around the “bug.”


Got a response from the developer of Button Mapper:

”The accessibility service needs to use feedbackHaptic or feedbackVibrate instead of feedbackGeneric

Seems like an easy fix actually. I’ll email him thanking him but is that good enough for you to go off of?

Did you enable accessibility services for other apps? Do those services have the same kind of access Tasker has?

Why do you feel this is not a bug in Oreo itself?

True, but I have not noticed it with any other application.

It appears to be both. Either an individual developer can workaround it (since Google changed the way Accessibility is handled, apps need to adjust) like Button Mapper did, or Google could undo the problem (they’re aware of it, but seem to think developers should just handle it themselves since they haven’t done anything about it and haven’t promised to do so). 

Almost all apps using accessibility has this bug when accessibility was activated but that’s slowly changing. Arguably, Tasker and AutoInput are the biggest apps that stilll haven’t worked around the issue.