Application profile only works when app is in foreground

My profile called "TuneIn Radio" is activated when the app TuneIn Radio is open.

The linked task is set to de-activate my "Start Spotify" profile, so these 2 do not collide.


Tasker seems to only sense the TuneIn Radio app when it is in the foreground though.

If it's in the background, or if the screen is off. Then Tasker runs the exit task, which is to enable the Spotify profile again.

Just to have said it. My "Start Spotify" profile and the tasks which disables and enables this profile works fine. It's just the part of telling Tasker that the TuneIn Radio app is still running I'm having problems with.

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Yeah, it works. Thanks =)

That's how it's supposed to work :) Maybe you can use the notification to trigger your profile instead?

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