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    Ability to change orientation of text in text element despite the orientation of the scene.

    Paulo Batista · 0 · Posted


    Screen orientation is portrait but able to put the text in a scene in landscape

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    Search Action option for Literal Search (not using Regex)

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    I think sometimes the Search Action throws people off who don't know regular expressions. And sometimes even if you know regex - you want a straight/literal/exact Search/Replace.

    There should be a checkbox in the Search Action to use or not use Regex for the Search.

    As an additional example - "AutoTools > Text > Replacements" has this kind of checkbox to enable Regex. 

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    Integrated file browsing

    Koolgraph · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    There is already a file browser inside tasker for setting variables. We should be able to use the same page as an action. More so now that file magic is no longer on the play store.

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    Allow more trigger conditions for profiles.

    Noel Yap · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Currently, the number of conditions is limited to for. Four. I would like to be able to specify more conditions.

    (I know there's a workaround by convincin several conditions into one but sometimes there's just no good name that can be used for the wrapping condition and it just pollutes the namespace).

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    get all active profiles with %PACTIVE and %PENABLED

    Cesar Bernard · 1 · Last reply by Richard Kemp

    The variables %PACTIVE and %PENABLED do not contain Profile names that have been assigned by Tasker, regardless of if they are active or enabled. Those variables will only contain the names of user-named Profiles. Also the expected function of %PACTIVE and %PENABLED is to get all Profiles that are enabled or active. 

    Also some of the names that Tasker uses for auto-naming look like they were named by a user, which can cause problems later on, if an user thinks the profile was named by him.

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    File operations on SMB shares

    Stefan · 0 · Posted

    Having the possibility to do file operations (e. g. Test File, List Files, Copy, Rename File, Create Folder) on SMB shared folders would make many tasks like syncing some files to a local NAS or a share on the PC much easier.

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    Connect to specified Bluetooth device

    Stefan · 1 · Last reply by Stefan

    Just turning on Bluetooth seems not enough to automatically connect to some known Bluetooth devices - you have to explicitly connect to them. Therefore it would be good to have an action to explicitly connect to a known Bluetooth device by name or its device address.

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    More direct integration between Tasker and Torque

    Greg Searle · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    There's a bunch of us who would like more direct integration between Tasker and Torque, an app that pulls data from an automobile's diagnostics port. At this time we only have a "hack," where Tasker reads the Torque logfile. This is very inefficient and introduces substantial delay into the data stream. For example, I use it to adjust the media volume on my phone based upon the speed of the vehicle (i.e. "dynamic volume), but the delay is several seconds and is very noticeable. A more direct data stream would eliminate such a delay and remove the inefficiencies of the

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    FTP for Tasker

    Somesh · 0 · Posted

    My suggestion is to add a feature that lets the user perform basic FTP Upload and Download operations that support Tasker tasks and also kid apps created through Tasker App Factory.

    It could have the following Parameters:-

    Mode(Dropdown box): Upload/Download options.




    Source File:

    Destination Directory:


    ASCI Mode/Binary Mode (Check Box)

    Local Passive/Extended Passive Mode (Checkbox)

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    Replace Notify My Android

    Jack · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Notify My Android was discontinued😐

    Please add a different provider to allow communication to android via web url similar to how Notify My Android. 

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    Allow more than 3 contexts per profile

    EliezerB · 0 · Posted

    Please allow 4, 5, or unlimited contexts in a profile to avoid the need for hacky workarounds.

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    Battery and charging information

    schlimbo · 0 · Posted

    It would be great if the following information could be available in a Task (via variable or "Test Battery" aktion):

    -Battery temperature -Current charge/discharge current in mA -currently used charging method ( quick charge / slow charge ) -estimated time until the charging process is completed

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    Kid App Mode for all actions

    Ian Grody · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Is it possible to have a toggle in Tasker to enable a special mode that will allow access to all of Tasker Actions, including ones blocked out due to not supported?

    The idea for this is so say I am building a project on my device for another device, but don't have that feature on mine, I can access those options and add said functionality. If it is ran on mine, just silently say it succeeded and resume.

    Many thanks!

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    Scene actions collision handling

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    Could we have the ability to allow collision handling within Scene Tap actiojs please. At the moment it appears it defaults to "Stop New Task" - itdi be useful to allow running together as to allow checks to be carried out and complain about rapid button presses.


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    New "Edit Project" action.

    Berna Bap · 0 · Posted

    Just to open Tasker in a specific project.

    With this action we would be able to make our own ui for organize and view all projects. 

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    Create TaskerNET URL to access all shared files

    Mat Zolnierczyk · 0 · Posted

    TaskerNET URL allows you to share a single link to a profile|project|task It would be good to have a special URL that you can also share to allow people to see all uploaded content, with a possible way to modify the URL  should you want to deactivate the previously granted access.

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    Widget Labels letters size

    Manuel DDP · 0 · Posted

    Please add the option to change the size of the letters for widget labels. Depending on your launcher, the size differs and in my case they are all cutted out. I would need them to be smaller.


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    Reliable alternative to a long term wait.

    Christopher Peralta · 0 · Posted

    My idea is for there to be a native and simple alternative for a several day long wait action. I know that there are some workarounds (JSON stuff, Calendar workarounds, etc...) but the ones I've seen all leave something to be desired.   


    My use case for this is have a popup when I disable my alarm that asks me how many days I want to disable it for then reactivating it after the time has passed. 

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    Use headers in HTTP POST (and any other related HTTP Methods)

    John Doe · 0 · Posted

    The ability to use headers (both, being able to send custom headers, and also see received headers) in HTTP POST (and other HTTP methods) would be extremely useful for me and other users.