[Bug?] Services not being detected

In an application context, if I select services instead of activity the profile should be active when any of that application's services are running. See attached screenshot. I have the following profile:             

Profile: Firefox Kicked (49)        

Application: Firefox, Services             

Exit: Anon (50)    

A1: Notify

Title: Firefox Kicked         

Text: I got kicked at %TIME         

Icon: null         

Number: 0         

Permanent: Off          Priority: 3         

This is supposed to notify me when Firefox gets kicked out of memory. However, the context never becomes active. Not even if Firefox is the foreground application. This used to work on Nougat, but that was also several Tasker betas ago. I am not sure if this is caused by my upgrading to Oreo or if this is a bug that crept into the Tasker betas. TIA