Option to disable Display Off Monitoring

At the moment tasker only allows to increase the display off monitoring interval to 9999 seconds (~2,8h). I'd like to disable it entirely or better yet take FULL control which profiles are allowed to wake the device and which aren't.

Background: I've got an exported kid app which is supposed to wake the device at predefined times. This is absolutely critical. There isn't anything else that should be done, if the user isn't actively using the device. Now Doze works like this: if an app wakes the device, it's blocked for another 9 minutes from waking the device again. If tasker for some reason wakes the device for something like a regular display off check, my app won't work for the next 9 minutes. For various reasons I can't use Reliable Alarms (next_alarm_changed intent fires; tasker wakes the device A LOT for all sorts of stuff if there are many profiles active; and more). Having full control to define how and when tasker is allowed to wake the device would reduce the need to use Reliable Alarms (which is a nasty and often unnecessary workaround IF I had full control).