My phone does not allow outgoing calls while tasker is running

I have a motorola moto E, android version 6.0. Every time I place a phone call the outgoing call is blocked and the following message comes up " bloqueado por patrón * ". I have even deleted all the saved tasks and profiles but it is still coming up.

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Are you still having this issue? I don't see how Tasker could have this effect...

I did that, but I cannot reinstall it as it tells me it lacks storage and even if I deinstall other apps it is still lacking storage.

Thanks anyway

Have you tried rebooting?

If you uninstall Tasker can you place outgoing calls?

As far as I know, Call Divert is the only Tasker action that can affect outgoing calls. Call Revert cancels the effect of Call Divert, which is why I suggested it.

Are you blocked from the dialer or do the calls just not complete?

The dialer works but when the number is dialed then the call does not go through and it is not even recorded as outgone call

Try running a Call Revert action with no number specified.

This did not work, it is still blocking my outgoing calls,  dont get why not the incoming phone calls?