Tasker notification information

In later versions of Android (I believe 8.0+) there is an option to minimize notifications if you long-press the notification. This minimizes the notification and it has a downward arrow so you can expand it. 

For Tasker, it just shows Tasker * Tasker whereas other apps show some text like AppName * CurrentProcess. If I expand the Tasker notification it looks like the word "Tasker" is the title of the process running which is in bold text. Under that are the current tasks running which is not in bold. So, it seems it would just be a matter of removing "Tasker" and moving the running tasks up as the title/bold-text. 

That way, even if the Tasker notification is minimized, I can still see which tasks are running.

Here is an example showing two notifications. Tasker doesn't show which tasks are running, the other app shows some text "Syncthing is running".

Here is what it looks like when you expand the notifications

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That's a good idea! Will do!