Enhanced Run Log

Can we expand on the run log please? Currently the run log fails to do the most important aspect which is to tell you what exactly went wrong. It shows you the task that failed, but you can't view the error. Often times running the task/profile again makes it go through without a problem. It would be great if we could tap on the errored action and view the error that task showed just like it does when it fails in the edit screen.

Furthermore if we can actually see the Plugin task name it would be very helpful as sometimes there are tasks using all sorts of different plugins in a row and trying to decipher what com.android.something.doesnt.fit.allthewa can be fairly difficult. If we could replace it with AutoTools - Secure Settings or whatever the plugin name might be that would be great.

If I'm being greedy another amazing feature would be to see what parameters the action has been run with. Say if you [Flash: %hello] where %hello = "Hello World" tapping in the Flash action in log show a pop up with relevant information like the %hello variable and what it's set to at the time.

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I would like to have a specific action such as Write to Run Log similar to Debug.Print() in C# where I can type whatever I want (text and/or variables content) and they are printed to the Run Log so I can troubleshoot problematic tasks.

"Flash" disappears and writing to a log file requires me to open the specific log file which may not the best thing because it's not integrated into tasker.

If you enter a label for an action, that is shown in the run log.

You can use 'Notify' for this. It creates a notification. A separate action for this would still be better though.


Yes, my fault as I don't use labels too much, but actually I would like to use variables, something like "A=%a|B=%b". 


Yes, in fact I'm using Notify at the moment but still having a separate action would be more discreet and having it integrated in the Run Log helps understanding the task flow. 

The run log has been incredibly slow on every device I've ever used Tasker on. Hopefully this could also be addressed. I think it probably just has too many views in the one activity.