improved debugging

I'd like to see improved debugging options.  Like many people, I use Flash actions to check on progress of a complex task.  But those extra Flash actions have to be manually turned off or deleted or they clutter up the screen when the task is actually running.  And then they have to be recreated or turned back on when I need to tweak or troubleshoot the task. 

I'd love to see another Alert type (or an option on the Flash action) that displays only in debug mode, and then an option at the task/profile level to turn debugging mode on/off for that task/profile.

Ideally, I'd like this debug Flash to include helpful information automatically, such as the task name, action number, caller, %err %errmsg if set, etc.  But probably everyone would want different things included, so that might get unwieldy.

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A suggestion would be to create your own %Debug variable. It could have various values to debug a specific task or a specific group of tasks. The Flash action has a built-in IF statement.

For example, IF %Debug ~ (matches) Driving, could be used for Flash actions that are part of your driving related tasks.