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    Change of plugin protocol

    John Doe · 0 · Posted

    Current plugin protocol is no more updated to the new Android policy, intent based communication has several cons. A service binding using AIDL should be much better. The interface should:

    1) Provides info to plugins when there is at least one active profile involving the plugin to allow it to setup a service if needed;

    2) Provides info to plugins when there is no more an active profile involving the plugin to allow it to shutdown a service if needed;

    3) Allow the plugin to stay alive using a bound service without being killed by the system;

    4) Allow always

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    Scene layouts

    John Doe · 2 · Last reply by adomm420

    Creating a scene for several device is just a pain, the activity layout should scale according the screen size of target device, it shouldn't use any absolute layout or fixed aspect ratio.

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    Run sub-tasks

    John Doe · 3 · Last reply by Jim Becker

    1) Allow the "perform task" action to have unlimited number of parameters

    2) Allow the "perform task" action to return an array variable

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    Give the Runlog action the option to only effect the current Task

    Jim Becker · 2 · Last reply by P C

    Please allow separate Tasks to turn logging on and off for that particular Task. This setting should also carry over to all tasks called by the Perform Task action.

    Another idea would be an option to turn off logging in the Perform Task action.

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    In Built Json Key value store with Variable value context trigger

    Sriram SV · 1 · Last reply by Richard Kemp

    Tasker should have its own "No-SQL" like database to store and retrieve complex data rather than  just variables. 

    This will also allow variable backup and any data can be queried remotely without having to setup a profile for each of the stuff

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    Have Tasker backup Global Variable Values when doing a standard backup.

    Tasker Pro · 7 · Last reply by Ashok Poolla

    This is a pretty obvious one, even if it has to generate a separate file, which would be a good additional option anyways.

    Right now there is no direct way to backup/restore Global Variable names and values in native Tasker. A workaround exists via a "Global Variable Backup Task" posted on reddit a while back, but this should really be baked into Tasker to begin with.

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    Allow exporting Task/Project as app with additional files

    Mishaal Rahman · 0 · Posted

    Being able to create apps within Tasker is probably its neatest feature, but there's one rather annoying caveat: there's no option to export with additional files!

    You have to use convoluted workarounds such as this: Reddit

    There's also an app that helps you do it but it has file size limitations. Play Store