Application profile app. selection as variable or scene

It'd be great to have an application profile that you could modify in scene or/and variable also. This way you could do for example a game/childrens/visitor etc. profiles and you could edit apps selected as a trigger.

I was doing a blocker app for my kids phone so that it would block the screen every time he would start certain apps in his phone. I was doing it with Tasker App factory but couldnt do it because there is no way to select the apps which trigger the tasks. Same goes on many apps made with app factory that require an app trigger.

Possible uses:

-Make an app with factory that is triggered by different apps: for example a game profile that puts your notifications to silent and media to quiet while gaming, with this you can select the triggering apps

-Do an app with factory that limits phone usage to certain apps on certain times on your kids phone: with this you can select the triggering or allowed apps in a setup-scene

-Simplify your own tasker use by creating a setup-scene that where you select the trigger apps that make a task happen

-Make "universal" tasker xml's that allows users to select trigger apps in scene