Ability for Tasker to keep scenes looking the same no matter the screen size

This is a must but also could be tricky. The problem with creating scenes in tasker is that device screen sizes can vary. This can make it a huge pain to create scenes on a large phone and then transfer them to other devices or vise versa. For example: Creating a scene that looks good on a Note 8 and then transferring it to a Galaxy S7 Edge. Scenes on the S7 Edge will look cramped together or the text sizes might be wrong. Makes it a pain if you have multiple Android devices with varrying screen sizes. 

If tasker can tell the exact screen size the current device is, then tasker could calculate the sozsi depending on the screen size and then when moved to a device with a smaller or bigger screen, can then recalculate the sizes and make the scenes look almost if not exactly the same way they were created on the first device. 

Definetly would be hard to figure out, but something that Tasker really needs for people who create a lot of scenes and don't want to recreate them or change them to work on a different device.