Automate merging calls into a conference.


Requesting feature to make 2 calls merge into a conference call.

Here's what i'm trying to achieve here.

I have an expensive call plan which allows me to make unlimited local and international calls. The only way i can let my wife use it for international calls (without her having access to my phone) is to give her a local call, make another international call, and merge them into a conference and let her talk to her heart's content.

What i'm trying to achieve is to automate the conference call based on the sms so that she could do it without involving me in the process. Problem is there's no option to hold and merge calls (as far as i know).

I'm aware that tasker allows making a call, and i can trigger it based on certain SMS.

Chain of events would be

1. she send me a sms with certain wordings.

2. Tasker triggers 1st call, back to her (sender of sms).

3. Tasker puts her on hold and triggers 2nd call to the relative (based on detail in sms)

4. Tasker merges the 2 calls into conference