Remove Red/Green Indicator from If/Then/Else when Local Variable present

Anytime there's a local variable name present anywhere in an If/The/Else statement - the red/green indicator will never EVER light up correctly.

Including and even when using the step-Play icon to go through the Task step-by-step.

Therefore the red/green indicator should never show up whenever a local variable name is present in the comparison. It just creates clutter and confuses people newer to Tasker.

For those people who have used Tasker for a while - although we've become accustomed to just ignoring it, with a solution so simple, that shouldn't have to be the case.

I guess the ultimate suggestion would be to make this an option in Preferences so that those who prefer to see the red/green markers under these circumstances would still be able to do so.

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You should have put that to problem section. There's no idea there. Minor bug. Most beginners probably won't even use variables. Good to know though, wasn't aware of that. Using non-local variables mostly myself. If it takes a lot of time to fix that bug I wouldn't bother. Instead, some simple reminder or flash would be enough when local variable and if/then that uses them are both in the same task, for instance, with beginner mode. But there's no beginner mode, so maybe make some switch that beginners could use that when switched on would provide some live guidance with flash alerts, providing simple guidance as to how to set thing up .