Does not automatically set Do Not Disturb to all upon exit task

I have set a Car task that is appropriately triggered when connected to car audio. It correctly sets Do Not Disturb to Alarms Only. As an exit task, Tasker is supposed to run another task that includes setting Do Not Disturb back to All, but it fails to do it automatically. When I manually run the task, it works though. I've attached the exit task  

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Thank you. Can you please enable and check the Tasker run log when that happens?

Can you please export your profile's description (not xml) so I can take a look? Long-click the profile in Tasker->export description Thanks in advance

Profile: Car (4)

 State: BT Connected [ Name:HandsFreeLink Address:* ]

Enter: Car Connected (5)

 A1: Do Not Disturb [ Mode:Alarms ] 

 A2: BT Voice Volume [ Level:15 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 

 A3: Media Volume [ Level:15 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 

 A4: WiFi [ Set:Off ] 

 A5: [X] Auto Brightness [ Set:Off ] If [ %BATT > 70 | %Charging ~R Yes ]

 A6: [X] Display Brightness [ Level:100 Disable Safeguard:On Ignore Current Level:On Immediate Effect:Off ] If [ %BATT > 70 | %Charging ~R Yes ]

 A7: Display Timeout [ Secs:0 Mins:0 Hours:6 ] If [ %BATT > 70 | %Charging ~R Yes ]

 A8: Set Tasker Icon [ Icon:mw_maps_directions_car ] 

Exit: Regular (3)

 A1: Do Not Disturb [ Mode:All ] 

 A2: Vibrate Mode [ Mode:Off ] 

 A3: Notification Volume [ Level:3 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 

 A4: Ringer Volume [ Level:3 Display:Off Sound:Off ] 

 A5: Auto Brightness [ Set:On ] 

 A6: Display Timeout [ Secs:30 Mins:0 Hours:0 ] 

 A7: Set Tasker Icon [ Icon:mw_image_crop_din ] 

Just to confirm, when you set the action in the exit task, it works?

I'm not sure I get what you mean. 

All the actions in the exit task work when the phone is disconnected except for the Do Not Disturb one. When I run the task manually, that part works too.