Tasker crashes when creating task with too many steps

I have a task that's nearing 170 steps in tasker, and whenever I add about 5 more steps, tasker will crash when I try to edit any step of the task... For now I split off my task into two and have both called up when a trigger fires up, but I'll be needing this fixed to finish up the project.

Couldn't seem to find any solution to this. Tasker is up to date, and I'm running Android 7.1.2.

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Can you please try the beta? Fixed there: https://joaoapps.com/beta-testing/

It would be great if Tasker could handle an arbitrarily large number of actions. But I suggest you take this as a hint that your task is too long.

What is the task's purpose, and can you describe briefly what actions you use to achieve it? Perhaps there is a shorter way.

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