Creating a App that starts automatically when a device is booted.

I have created a Tasker Project ( called BillFolder) with a :

Profile – ( called Start )-Boot Device which links to my tasks called wifion.

( to start the project/app when the device is booted)

And a simple task sequence called Wifion.

1-Wait 7 minutes

2-Wifi – Set on

3-Wait 5 seconds

4-Wifi Net – Action Reconnect

5-Wait 7 minutes

6-Goto type Action Number 1

Under preferences – Monitor – Run In Foreground is not selected.

                               UI – Beginner Mode is not selected.

The project has no user interface , and should auto start at power up and just run in this simple loop in the background.

This project runs perfectly in the Tasker environment.

However when I export the project as an app, the app will not automatically start at power up. Once it is manually launched it flows through task with out any issue.

I believe that I have followed the correct project export steps, however it seems that the profile created to activate the app when the device is booted, is not being incorporated in my APK..

I am getting the same result as if I was only exporting the Tasks as an App.

The Tasker App used is:


( 7 day trial version )

The App Factory is:

Tasker App Factory_v5.2.bf1_apkpure.com.apk

I am running this on a device with Android 5.1