New category to organize projects

I would like to know if it would be possible to add a new feature to Tasker about project organization.

The issue is about the organization of the projects. Well, Tasker currently allows to have individual projects, which can contain profiles, tasks and scenes. But there is no way to organize projects in "mega-projects", to put it in some way. That is, as a project of several projects.

Thank you very much ;)

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It would be nice to have the ability to show tasks in multiple projects. Either just manually selecting additional projects to a task's "home" project, or automatically showing a task in any project where it is referenced.

I agree. My projects are groups of different types of tasks. This makes it easier to find a specific task. For example, all tasks that are called from profiles are in one project. All tasks that use AutoApps are in another project. All tasks that use other plugins are in a third project. All geofence tasks are in a 4th project. This makes it much easier to find tasks.

I liked the idea..

For advanced users projects are not enough for organizing profiles and tasks and there should be something to make them better than now...

And this is probably a good idea for that