The ability to use OR in the context!

Creating profiles that basicly do the same thing can take up alot of space. So I would like a way to put a OR in the context. Such as wifi connected OR  Bluetooth connected do this or that.

Or maybe even something in the task such as a if statement have a OR statement. I know there kind of is but would like to have that option alone in Tasker.

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love this! can't understand why wasn't it implemented from the start! :-)

Great idea. My only request is to have all the condition operators, AND, OR, XOR and the higher precedence versions.

It would be great!

Has the Dev indicated this may be happening?

I was recently directed to this forum to make my suggestion when I found there already was one that just needed an up vote. So hopefully the most requested features is part of the project forecast. He obviously needs to consider feasibility and effort required to implement well. So hopefully it is being considered as this is one of the top 5 requested features and may be an easier request than others in the list.

I'm waiting for this so much! 

As a workaround you invert all profile conditions and then set the task you want to run in the profile's exit task. :)

That only works to get an OR. And it loses the ability to have a real Exit task. How about including OR, XOR and all of the higher precedence versions.

Hope that your comment doesn't mean No. :-)

This proposal doesn't make any sense, if you want an "or" just create more than one profile with the same task. No need to add anything to Tasker.

Makes sense!

We wan't have 1000 Profiles.

Creating copies isn't an efficient way to program. It also isn't the same as an OR if you want to start a task only once by the first or the second condition. If you use a copy the task will start by the first condition and start again with the second condition regardless of whether the task is already running. 

Your post doesn't have any sense. All profile manager support AND/OR/XOR etc. 

Look at what Jim Becker said. 

1000 profiles? Come on we need to be serious, if you want to join two profiles in or you just need 2 profiles and 1 task, if you want to sort your profiles/tasks you can use different projects. No copies at all since you can use ***exactly*** the same task with more than one profile, so no copies and no problems about task scheduling.

All profile manager support AND/OR/XOR? Guess what! Tasker too.

I read what Jim Becker said and it makes sense but it's a different proposal. The OP is asking for inclusive OR, nothing more.

Since you don't seem to understand the request, don't say No to. This is not about individual profiles, but about joining the 4 profiles with anything other than an AND


Are you talking with me? Ok, but it's not really what OP asked as you can read in the title "the ability to use OR in the context!". Your request is totally different. You want to use more than 3 profiles together using all logic operator AND/NAND/XOR/OR.....

Sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding that I caused. What I really meant was to have all of the logical operators for combining Contexts within a Profile. I misused the word Profile.

While all of the logical operators are available in a single Context, it is currently only possible to join two or more Connects with an AND operator. Joai is correct that we can invert the logic in the Contexts to use an AND operator instead an OR operator.

However, that makes Tasker more difficult to use for the average person. We need to simplify things to make the app more accessible.

Yes! It would make it tidier and you wouldn't need 12 same profiles (I'm exaggerating I know). 

This is a much needed feature, right now to do this i need to create multiple profiles with different contexts. But the problem is when oneprofile is satisfied and the task is running there might be another context that would satisfy and que the task next to it while with this feature the task will run once when one context is satisfied and won't que for other contexts untill all the contexts are exited. 

Similar thing with XOR too. 

This always bothered me too.

I'd love to see this.

This is game changer for profiles based on states context, while for events based profile it could tide up the mess of creating different profiles, but for states this would introduce new possibilities.

still patiently waiting for this! 🙂