Screen that lists each profiles "Launched Task Priority"

This would be extremely helpful for people with multiple profiles and projects to help determine which profiles have priority. Could be a simple menu listing: The Names of The Profiles | Project they are under | Launched Priority. And with this list you can click each one to sort from top to bottom or vise versa [EX: Clicking "The Names Of The Profiles tab would put list in order from A-Z , clicking again would put profiles Z-A.] Or  [EX: Clicking Launched Priority would list them all 0-50, clicking again would list them 50-0.]

Now with Profiles that are Anonymous, they could be listed but under a bar that says "Profiles that aren't named" or something along those lines. Still the same sorting options; and still lists which project they are under, but seperate so you know they are Anonymous. 

Also, clicking on the profile name would take you right to where the profile is allowing you to view the profile. Clicking on the project name would take you to the indicated project. Clicking on the priority number would allow you to change it to how you see fit. 

Just something to think about. Would be a lot easier than going through all of your profiles manually to figure out which ones have priority over others.