Shake sensitivity sometimes becomes too high, rebooting fixes

I have a simple profile set to go off when the phone is shaked 'left-right'.

Sensitivity is very low. Duration is very long. Though I don't know what either of those things means (does 'very low' mean it it takes a very strong shake, or a very small shake to hit the very low threshold? Does 'very long' mean I have to shake it for a very long time, or it tracks motion for a very long time and looks to see if I slowly shook the phone?), it still functions about as I expect: I need a strong, firm, double-shake chopping motion in order to activate the profile.


Except sometimes, the profile will activate with the briefest of motions. I'll pick the phone up, and BOOP, profile activates. I'll firmly tap the upper corner of the side of the phone, and BOOP the profile activates.

The only way to get this to stop is to reboot the phone.

LGV35, running Android 8.0. Tasker version 5.6.