Hotspot related contexts

Hotspot related contexts like notify if someone connects to my hotspot, block someone(disconnect as soon as someone connects), these are some great additions for a hotspot context in tasker. 

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To add to this, Hotspot events can be triggered across the board and I suggest an Event > Net contexts for hotspots since we can monitor the intent


where %wifi_state offers values for enabled, deactivated, etc. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11841421/how-to-get-wifi-hotspot-state

As for detecting users, you'd need to monitor the /proc/net/arp file, which may require root (or the dhcp leases in /data/misc/... which does need root).

I am using %TETHER and matching it with wifi for detectiing hotspot, as for monitering connected users the files you mentioned doesn't update properly (still shows device name even after it is disconnected).