End call action disabled erroneously

I have an Android 5.1 phone where the End Call action works properly. I have another Android 5.1 phone where Tasker shows the End Call action as disabled. However, in the past I was able to import a task that included the End Call action into the disabled phone and the End Call action would still work. Now when I attempt this, the End Call action just brings up a notification saying (paraphrasing) "End Call action is disabled on this device." It would be nice if Tasker attempted to perform the End Call action even if it is deemed disabled on a phone because apparently there are times Tasker deems the End Call action to be unavailable when in fact it is present.

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So in the meantime, I started to install AutoApps, AutoTools, and AutoInput as a workaround on the phone that was not processing the End Call action. However, sometime between yesterday and today the End Call action is now working and appears to be enabled in Tasker. I have no idea how one day it is disabled and one day it is enabled. As for now, the issue I was experiencing has gone away.

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