Add contact card URI to types that can be returned in a Test Phone action

I have the following task that is executed to open the contact card for a specified contact.

A1: Test Phone [ Type:Contact Thumb URI Data:%acnumber Store Result In:%cid ] 
A2: Variable Search Replace [ Variable:%cid Search:/photo Ignore Case:Off Multi-Line:Off One Match Only:Off Store Matches In: Replace Matches:On Replace With: ] 
A3: Send Intent [ Action:android.intent.action.VIEW Cat:None Mime Type: Data:%cid Extra: Extra: Extra: Package: Class: Target:Activity ] 

However, this only works if the contact has a photo associated with it. If no "Contact Thumb URI" exists for a given contact (i.e. there is no photo associated with the contact), then the "Test Phone" action throws an error saying "no URI found". I would like to be able to get the target for the contact's contact card directly.