Automate XML backup

A way to automatically export certain Project/Task/Scenes as XML to SD to allow for custom backup to cloud/FTP.

The amount of times I've lost useful, complicated projects because my tasker backups are out of date is painful :(

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Tasker can already do automatic backups and with AutoWeb you can even store them in the cloud automatically. Check it out here: http://forum.joaoapps.com/index.php?resources/tasker-cloud-backup-to-dropbox.129/

Although I agree that it could be helpful if this were done in an integrated way.

I usually set the auto backup to 1d but I've found a few times it's not been there/updated when I've looked. Probably just user error though

Another advantage of my suggestion would be only backing up certain tasks/projects/scenes, and also triggering it in your own way, rather than the predefined backup times. Thanks for the quick reply