Lock and Screen Images Revert Back to Default


It appears that from tasker V5.6 causes custom set live wallpaper and lock screen image to always revert back to defaults when reset or screen turned off.

I'm running Ironman Rom V1.2.0 on Note 8 NS950F Android 7.1.1. 

This issue did not occur prior to V5.6.

Thanks Gordon

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Hi João,

I set the lock screen image by tasker only, scrolling through three images. The live wallpaper is set via android settings and is not changed by tasker (I did try a while ago to use tasker to change but could not get to work without doing a rest each time, so gave up).

I have a "work" profile that ran incorrectly yesterday. I had to lock it off.

I should also say that even with tasker disabled I still have the issue of lockscreen image and homes screen live wall paper being changed to default.

Everything worked fine till the latest tasker update. Hence why I believe the issue started with tasker update. I dont remember changing any andriod settings or adding software.

Is there any system/tasker settings that i can send to help?

BTW, I'm a novice programmer relying on looking at lots of examples.



Hi. If it does it with Tasker disabled then it's most definitely not an issue with Tasker :)

Hi Gordon. To clarify, are you setting those via Tasker? What do you mean by "revert back to defaults when reset" exactly? 


Correct. Sorry for troubling you. It was just problem started at same time as tasker update.

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