miui10 android 8.0 ringtone

I can not change rington

But if I select this file by ES Explorer there is no error, but this ringtone looks like this:

So I can not use %var (random ringtone)

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- SDcard should only have 1 folder with mp3 (ogg) (\storage\emulated\0\ringtones\)
- the folder "\storage\emulated\0\MIUI\.ringtones" is not readable in the tasker, it is better to clean it
- folders "\system\media\audio\ringtones\" and "\storage\emulated\0\ringtones\" should not contain the same name files
- The rest of the folders with mp3 (ogg) must have .nomedia file

So I can change ringtones, although ringtones are set as “32393” in the miui settings.

Thank you for letting us know! Appreciate it!

After last apdate.

I have 1.mp3 and 2.ogg in ringtone folder:

If I write "2" in ringtone I see error: unknown ringtone "2"

But if I write "1" all works fine.

So tasker cannot read *.ogg?

It is not working always. if system and tasker language set to english or russian

Thanks. Just to test it, does it work if you set your device to english momentarily?

I tried store *.ogg and *.mp3 in:



None of the ringtone is not working

None of the 3 ways does not work:

- by var:

- typing with the keyboard:

- by select:

Does it do that with any ringtone? Thanks!

unknown ringtone "SaveMe"

What error are you getting?

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