Speakerphone action not working on many devices

Many users are reporting that the speakerphone action is broken. I know that it never worked on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 with Nougat or my Samsung Galaxy S9 with Oreo.

OnePlus and Pixel devices are also experiencing this issue.

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On my pixel 2 it works, but the UI in the caller doesn't update. Is this maybe the issue?

That's not the issue. Speaker doesn't come on at all regardless of whether or not the speaker icon changes. Using speakerphone = on just doesn't work in some phones. I've seen postings in Reddit as well about this. Thx. 

Just tested on Galaxy S9+ with Oreo and the behaviour is the same: the UI doesn't update but speaker phone is enabled.

This is the test I made:

  • start a call
  • open tasker
  • create a test task
  • add the speaker phone action
  • select the toggle option
  • run the task manually

This turned on and off the speaker phone whenever I ran the task. Does it not work for you?

If not then I can only conclude it's an Android bug for those specific ROMs... 

Toggle in a manually triggered task did not work for me on my OnePlus 6. It would not turn on the speaker. I tried speakerphone = on as well during the call and that doesn't work either. Thx

I still think this is some kind of timing issue. On my S9, the following profile does not work, i.e. the speaker does not come on:

    Profile: Speaker Test
        State: Call 
        Type: Any 
        Number: *
    Enter: Speaker
    A1: Speakerphone 
        Set: On 

However, the following profile does work:

    Profile: Speaker Test
        State: Call 
        Type: Any 
        Number: *
    Enter: Speaker
    A1: AutoInput UI Query 
        Text: Speaker 
        Timeout (Seconds): 20 
    A2: Speakerphone 
        Set: On 

It seems that Tasker is trying to turn on the speaker before the call initiates. This also explains why running the task manually works.

The point is that the action should work without the user having to add a Wait or UI Query delay before the action.

I hope this clarifies this.

Thanks for your support :)

So these are different issues. On the S9 it works, but with a delay. On some OnePlus devices it doesn't work at all, correct?

About the wait, this is more of an issue with the OS than with Tasker :) It seems that it won't work if the app is too quick to enable speakerphone, but it should.

I get that it would be easier to use for the user if Tasker could do the wait automatically, but I also don't want to always do the wait unnecessarily... Maybe add a warning to let users know that on some devices that issue exists?

Joao - I can't seem to reply to your last comment directly, but it doesn't work at all to turn speaker on or off on my OnePlus 6.

Yes, it's definitely an Android bug in this case. Nothing I can do to fix it unfortunately.

I think that is correct. Also, it does not seem to work at all on Pixel devices, according to the reports I've seen.

I have same problem as Richard its not a timing issue as far as I can tell. I have manually fired a suitable task in a call and nothing happens. No errors task just runs through and no speaker phone. I even tried using java to do the speaker on bit and this runs without error but does nothing. Joao has confirmed the java code is that used by tasker internally. I have found the problem happens with my old honor 7 with marshmallow and now my 7x with oreo so it's seem to be down to the rom not version of android I think given other results above on other makes of phone.

Yes, it's definitely an Android bug in this case. Nothing I can do to fix it unfortunately.

Having the same issue on Nokia 7 Plus with the latest AOSP Android P :-(

Having said that, Note 9 with stock Android 8.1 works without any issues.