Notification cancel and read message options

Hello Joao,

My recommendation is that we add a notification cancel and read message option to Tasker. This feature is available on other automation apps. This feature is going help tons of people.

Thank you for your time,

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AutoNotification can press notification buttons for you. It's a one time payment for that app :) Hope this helps.

True, but isn't thwrea subscription for it? Vs. people already paid for tasker?

You can buy the app to own it with onetime payment, also you can use it for free with ads. 

When you receive a text message, you should be able to mark them as read so they don'ts constantly show up in your jotification bar. Auto notification does a good job but if you only need that one feature you'd not want to use autonotification.

If you start using AutoNotification you would find a lot of reason to use it. Also app isn't that big in size so no problem for me. 

Couldn't understand what you mean??

Do you want to read message upon notification cancellation or you want both as separate features??

You can do both with AutoNotification plugin already.