Remove Beginner Mode

'Beginner Mode' causes more confusion and trouble than it is worth. New users will post that Tasker doesn't work and often the cause is because they are still in beginner mode.

At the very least the option should default to off. I can't see why this mode is needed.

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Or...have a startup screen that explains something about beginner mode for newbies and once Tasker is started it's turned off, then have the beginner mode as an option somewhere for newbies to turn on or refer back to.

Yes, that's what I want to do actually. Have a "beginner/already a user" prompt at the start :)

Yes, I actually agree. Do you know why it was added in the first place?

Think, when the app was first being developed, Pent foresaw the steep learning curve Tasker would have. I am sure, at the time, having a beginner mode sounded like a good idea.

However, there is no technical reason why it is necessary.