ir remote


i want to know if you are able to add some ir remote plugin. right now the only app supported by tasker is anymote (it doesnt work unfortunately)

i have huawei honor with smart remote by default, there is also Mi remote from xiaomi and both work perfectly but tasker doesnt reconize it as plugin

so kindly if you can develop any plugin espcially for mi remote, or any 3rd party you agree to work with....it will be nice to control many device without using any more device like rm 3 etc....

thank you

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I think it would be best to seek support from the developers of anymore to fix what's not working for you or unified remote to ask them to support your device.

it doesnt support my devices

for the bad luck, i didnt find device looking for on it, my phone have not learn option, and code i got not working either

thanks for answer

unified remote to control pc only, but what i want is ir remore to control device like tv air .c etc

the only app have this option with takser is anymote but it doesnt work, compared to mi remote have more library package and a lot of supported device...its nice if u can control them all with voice