Provide Capability To Encrypt Files Created With Tasker

Its great that Tasker can create files and backups, but due to potentially sensitive data that could be in the file or the backup it would be useful if Tasker could offer the option to encrypt that data so its protected while stored at rest.

The option to encrypt always increases processing overhead so that should be a consideration when opting to enable the feature.

The option to decrypt the file could be done within Tasker itself, but that would make that created file unable to be decrypted by anything other than Tasker.  Ideally an open source utility or industry standard tool should be able to decrypt the file making the output of Tasker encrypted files much more useful.  I propose that Boxcryptor be enlisted to provide this functionality.

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Tasker apparently isn't allowed to include encryption functionality:


But here is an example of how you can add it using a JavaScript library: