Phone Ringing Event Not Working

I have a Pixel 2 XL on Android P.

I am unable to get the Phone Ringing Event to fire at all when I receive calls. I have the volume on and am calling from a phone with a custom ringtone set. The UI of the app shows no activity when I receive a call, and the run log is completely empty after calling myself multiple times. The task that should fire simply sets a variable to 1 for now.

Please let me know if I can provide any other information to help debug this issue.

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Glad to hear it works with the beta! :)


Does it work with the beta? https://joaoapps.com/beta-testing/

I have a Pixel XL also on Android 9 with the same issue. I set up this profile and exported it's description below. Demo is a task I set up to display a 1 notification when ran. Testing it separately with the play button showed that it was working.

Profile: Ring Test (11) Event: Phone Ringing [ Caller:* ] Enter: Demo (10) A1: Notify [ Title:1 Text: Icon:null Number:0 Permanent:Off Priority:3 ]

Does it work with the beta? https://joaoapps.com/beta-testing/

Just tried with beta, this Ring Test profile worked. I'll try running my regular profiles that use Phone Ringing as well and report back if I have any further issues.


Can you please export your profile's description (not xml) so I can take a look? Long-click the profile in Tasker->export description Thanks in advance

Profile: Phone Ringing (33)
Event: Phone Ringing [ Caller:* ]
Enter: Call Orientation 1 (34)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%Callorientation To:1 Recurse Variables:Off Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]

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