Get location not working

Need gps coordinates via tasker. When I start the task, in status bar appears location icon but when I want see %LOC variable, it's empty. 

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Can you try enabling "High Accuracy" mode for a bit and see if that helps?

Yes. I tried that and it working now (I mean that AutoLocation version,not not Get Location one.) But there's still one annoying thing. I must move, otherwise it can't catch my location.

You can turn on location with the Tasker "Location Mode" action.

Okay but that isn't point of this whole report...

Did you try using the "Net" way of getting location?

Yes. Via AutoLocation app. There's another problem. It only works and gets location when Google location sercices is on. And there's only one way to activate it. Via Google maps. So if I want to get location into tasker,I must turn on Google maps,enable Google location services,go back to AutoLocation and request to take data from Google location services. And it's annoying, complicated etc. 

Did the "Get Location" action complete successfully or did it timeout?



  • Tasker does not have location permission
  • Location is set to battery saving
  • Location is disabled
  • Your GPS receiver is malfunctioning

Tasker have location permission

Nope. It's set on GPS. Without data or wifi helping.

Nope. It's enabled.

Nope. It's perfectly working with Google maps.

Did you use the "Get Location" action prior to doing that?

Yes,of course