Grace period for sensible state contexts to activate/deactivate

An option in seconds the state must remain in the same condition until it finally (de)activates.

This will make profiles more reliable and easier to use, instead of adding waits and conditions in tasks.

Net: BT/Wifi connected

Phone: Signal strenght

Sensor: Magnetic field

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would love this!

I'd really like this one.

I've never reliably found a way to completely emulate this behavior.

Bluetooth disconnects for half a second and fires a task, reconnected, fires another task, rinse, repeat.... This delay concept would avoid that completely.

The point of this is to avoid small variations and make profiles stable.

For wifi connected, if there are small disconnections, profile wouldn't run exit task and become inactive if it would connect again in less the specified time.

For magnetic field it could be used as a reliable specific spot/location with a support/holder with a magnet so it wouldn't activate everytime there is a spike when passing through some spot.