A share community easy to use like Workflow

A use-to-use share community is helpful to guide the newcomers and maintain the vitality of the APP.

However, it is inconvenient when you want to share your useful profile to others. Here are some common ways I saw on the internet:

1. Record a video to tell others how to set a profile. I think this would hold back most people who just want to share their thoughts.

2. Write down all the setting steps like this one: https://forums.androidcentral.com/android-apps/301540-tasker-lets-contribute-profiles.html

3. Export profile and import profile. 

I think Workflow on iOS has done a good job. as attached file. Click the button and it will lead to your workflow app and install it. this way maybe be the same for those who upload but will be far more convenient for freshmen. 

If an in-app community portal is available, I think that would be the perfect solution for sharing.

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You mean "Tasker Share - Tasker Net https://taskernet.com/shares/"

Is this a repository for your own profiles or a community?

It's a repository. You're right, it's still not a full community where people can see other people's profiles. I'll add that later.

Thank you! :)

Of course, it could be much easier to use a mature community with this repository combined than a self-made community.

I have noticed there are two communities: 

https://www.reddit.com/r/tasker/ and 


In my opinion,

reddit could spare your energy, easily to be found by newcomers and 

forum.joaoapps could be more controllable (like creating sub-topics: profile/task sharing Bugs Feedback, etc ).

Finally, thanks for your excellent work!